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We love beginners! We teach riders of all levels, but love to start adults and children from scratch, too. The Free Intro Riding Lesson is the way to go!

Lessons at Wild Aire FarmWild Aire Farm runs the largest lesson program in central Massachusetts

Why? We love our customers and they know it. We are super at understanding their riding goals as well as their budgets.

Why ride with us?

Our heart and soul goes into providing quality to our customers. We do so by running a full-time lesson program and making it our priority. Many other stables simply offer lessons on a part-time basis or as a secondary service.

How does that make a difference for me, the riding student?

Your lessons run on time. You can feel comfortable riding happy, safe, smart horses; and our riding areas are not only beautiful, they're dust-free, too.

Our full-time instructors come with outstanding credentials, and are licensed riding instructors. What makesthem truly great are their fun and people-oriented dispositions.

What if I have limited hours to ride?

Spare time is hard to find these days, so we offer flexible riding hours to accomodate busy schedules.

May I learn to groom, tack, or even lease a horse?

You sure can! For those of you interested in a well-rounded education in horse care, we offer horsemanship lessons and the opportunity to lease one of our many wonderful horses.

Contact us for your FREE introductory riding lesson!

If you'd like more information about Wild Aire Farm, or to schedule an appointment, request a brochure or map, please call the farm at (508) 764-7725 or contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Wild Aire Farm, LLC   926 Dennison Drive Southbridge, MA 01550
Farm Office:
(508) 765-0641  Horse Show Phone - for Show Days Only: (508) 764-7725  Fax: (484) 259-5251  Email: wildaire@charter.net